Scientia-Style Sushi

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Scientia-Style Sushi
Boost(s): Prime, Clairvoyant, Endurance
Ingredient(s): Bluefin Tuna Fillet

Scientia-Style Sushi is a recipe. It can only be obtained in Royal Edition and Windows Edition.


Scientia-Style Sushi can be unlocked by catching a Styrial Bluefin Tuna from the Royal Vessel in the Cygillan Sea or during the A Second Sea God quest.


Scientia-Style Sushi can be prepared at camp using the following ingredient:


  • Prime: Boosts strength (+75), magic (+75), and EXP earned (+50%).
  • Clairvoyant: Always land critical hits.
  • Endurance: Sprinting does not reduce stamina.
  • Favorite Dish: This is one of Ignis' favorite dishes. Eating this not only increases the rate at which his Cooking skill levels up, but also gives his Techniques in battle a serious boost.