Longwythe Rest Area

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Longwythe Rest Area is an outpost located in the southwest of Leide. There is a Rent-a-Bird, motel, radio, general store, restaurant, and arms vendor at this location. There is no fuel station here to fill the Regalia's tank.

Crow's Nest Diner

Crow's Nest Diner is a diner with a tipster who will mark nearby havens, parking spots, outposts, and procurement points on the map. The diner also contains a Justice Monsters Five pin, which allows you to play a version of pinball.


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The following dishes are available to eat:
Dish Cost Boosts Recipe Grant
Jetty's 50 gil Poisonproof, Toadproof None
Kenny's Fries 150 gil HP (6) Dish and Chips
Kenny's Salmon 1,480 gil Attack (15), Defense (20) Kenny's Original Recipe


The tipster offers the following hunts:

Rank Hunts Target Habitat Active Stars Bounty Reward Rec. Level
1 Mineside Mischief Makers Goblin (7) The Callaegh Steps Nighttime 1 1,740 gil Hi-Elixir x1 7
1 The Hunter-Slaying Herd Magnanir (2), Mesmenir (4) Longwythe Peak Daytime 1 1,830 gil Hi-Elixir x1 8
1 Squash the Squirmers Flan (5) Longwythe Peak Nighttime 2 2,280 gil Hi-Elixir x1 14
1 Cranky Crustaceans Shieldshears (3) Longwythe Peak All Times 2 3,160 gil Megalixir x1 18
3 Sting in the Tail Saphyrtail (5) Longwythe Peak All Times 2 3,720 gil Megalixir x1 25
3 Beast Over Brawn Grandhorn (2), Dualhorn (3) The Weaverwilds All Times 2 4,010 gil Megalixir x1 27
5 In the Drylands, It Rains Spines Gigantuar (3) Longwythe Peak Daytime 3 7,550 gil Rainbow Pendant x1 40
1 A Fist Ful of Gil Yojimbo (1) The Three Valleys Nighttime 4 17,450 gil Anti-darkness Inners 61


Three Z's Motel.jpg
Three Z's Motel serves as a place where players can rest, tally EXP, and review pictures. It costs 300 gil and rewards EXP x 1.5.


JM Market

Item Type Cost
2-Tone Auto Part 300
Anak Meat Ingredient 100
Antidote Consumable 10
Birdbeast Egg Ingredient 20
Cleigne Wheat Ingredient 200
Elixir Consumable 400
Funguar Ingredient 100
Gighee Ham Ingredient 40
Hi-Elixir Consumable 800
Hi-Potion Consumable 100
Leiden Pepper Ingredient 20
Leiden Potato Ingredient 60
Memories of FFII Auto Part 100
Phoenix Down Consumable 1000
Potion Consumable 50
Sheep Milk Ingredient 10
Wild Onion Ingredient 150

Culles Munitions

Item Type Cost
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