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Leiden Pepper
A commonly used spice. The seeds are ground in the shell, then ground again for good measure.
Type: Ingredient

Leiden Pepper is an ingredient.


Leiden Pepper can be purchased from the Mini-mart at Hammerhead, the JM Markets at the Prairie Outpost and in Old Lestallum, the kiosk at the Wiz Chocobo Post, Fallstar Foods in Lestallum, the Parvinath General Store at Meldacio Hunter HQ, and Old Gobunant’s Boat in Altissia for 20 gil. It can also be purchased from the shopping menu in the Regalia starting in Chapter 3. It can be received as a reward for completing Takka's Hunters and Gatherers and Everyone Loves Beans quests. It can also be found at numerous ingredient spots throughout Leide. It can be sold back to shops for 10 gil.


Leiden Peppers are used in the following recipes:


Leiden Peppers can be used as a catalyst in spells:

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