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Galdin Quay 3.jpg

Galdin Quay is an outpost located in the south of Leide, and it opens directly onto the Cygillan Sea. It is one of only two coastal accesses on the Lucian continent. It is here where the player first meets Ardyn, Coctura, and Dino.

There is a Rent-a-Bird, caravan, radio, fuel station, general store, restaurant, and arms vendor at this location.

Mother of Pearl


The following dishes are available to eat:

Dish Cost Boosts Recipe Grant
Galdin Gratin 4,500 Fresh, HP (20) None
Sea's Bounty Risotto 1,300 Attack (12), HP (12), Regen (1) Fisherman's Favorite Paella
Steamed Crab with Rock Salt 3,200 Resistant None
White Fish in Tomato Sauce 2,000 Attack (16), HP (18), Poisonproof None

The following dish will be added to the menu after completing a prerequisite sidequest:

Dish Cost Boosts Recipe Grant Quest
Tenebraen Berry Opera 17,500 Magemaster Memory Lane Pastry Berried Memories


The tipster offers the following hunts:

Rank Hunt Target Habitat Active Stars Bounty Reward Level
1 Peace to the Beach Rubyshears (3) Vannath Coast All Times 2 1,950 Hi-Elixir x1 11
1 The Gourmands of Vannath Sparkshears (3) Vannath Coast All Times 2 3,040 Megalixir x1 17
1 Stealers of Lives Glamhoth (7) Vannath Coast Nighttime 2 3,070 Fencer's Anklet x1 17
3 Footfalls in the Dark Hobgoblin (5) Vannath Coast Nighttime 2 3,250 Megalixir x1 20
3 A Nightmare Came by Ferry Seadevil (5) Vannath Coast All Times 2 4,250 Carbon Bangle x1 28


The Quayside Cradle.jpg

The Quayside Cradle serves as a place where players can rest, tally EXP, and review pictures. It costs 10,000 gil and awards the player EXP x 2.0. The Quayside Cradle offers the highest EXP multiplier available on the Lucian continent, and it is also the most expensive Lucian lodging.

Alternatively, there is a caravan stationed in the parking lot. It costs 30 gil and awards EXP x 1.2.



Item Cost
Antidote 10
Elixir 400
Hi-Elixir 800
Hi-Potion 100
Phoenix Down 1000
Potion 50
Ingredient Cost
Anak Meat 80
Birdbeast Egg 20
Chocobean 100
Cleigne Wheat 120
Dualhorn Steak 160
Funguar 80
Gighee Ham 30
Leiden Pepper 20
Leiden Potato 40
Lucian Tomato 200
Luncheon Meat 100
Saxham Rice 200
Sheep Milk 10
Sweet Pepper 50
Trevally Fillet 100
Trout Fillet 240
Wild Onion 100
Auto Part Type Cost
Memories of FFV Auto Part 100
Racing Stripes IV Auto Part 500
Racing Stripes V Auto Part 500
The Beast Auto Part 2000

Culless Munitions

Item Type Cost
Avengers Dagger 150
Broadsword Sword 150
Bronze Bangle Accessory 500
Cocytus Firearm 150
Javelin Polearm 150
Potpourri Accessory 500
Soldier's Anklet Accessory 1000
Two-handed Sword Greatsword 50
War Sword Greatsword 150

Bob's Bait Emporium

Bob's Bait Emporium.png
Item Type Cost
Bomber: Bomb Leisure Goods 50
Bomber: Ice Bomb Leisure Goods 50
Bomber: Thunder Bomb Leisure Goods 50
Poppeck: Chocobo Leisure Goods 50
Poppeck: Red Chocobo Leisure Goods 50
Poppeck: White Chocobo Leisure Goods 50
Spider Silk Leisure Goods 30
Super Baleen Leisure Goods 100
Sweet Jamming: Custard Leisure Goods 50
Sweet Jamming: Flan Leisure Goods 50
Sweet Jamming: Mousse Leisure Goods 50


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