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Active Cross Battle, or AXB, is the combat system used in Final Fantasy XV. It is an real-time action battle system similar to that used in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Type-0.


Wait Mode

Final Fantasy XV has two combat modes, Active mode and Wait mode. Active mode is the standard battle system. Wait Mode emphasizes strategic elements of combat. It is recommended to enable wait mode so that the Libra ability can be used to analyze enemies. Combat modes can be changed in the Pause menu under Options and then Combat.

Entering battle[]

When approaching a group of enemies, a "threat meter" will appear on screen. If the party withdraws from the area before the threat meter fills, battle will not commence. Otherwise, the battle will begin immediately with no transition, and enemies will pursue even if the party is withdrawing.

Escaping battle[]

When in combat, the battle area is marked on the mini-map by a red circle. To escape combat, run outside of the red circle. Once outside, combat ends and any incapacitated party members are revived.

Crowd management[]

When facing enemies, it is recommended to keep an eye out for additional enemies joining the fight by using Right Stick. When four or more enemies group up, the player should move to the edge of the group to keep from being surrounded. Each enemy should be focused down before moving on to the next, with the focus being on already weakened targets.


Actions such as "Attack," "Defend," "Magic," and "Item," among others, are mapped to controller buttons. Only Noctis is directly controlled by the player, while other party members are controlled by predetermined action sets in a system similar to Final Fantasy XII's gambit system. Noctis can also partner with party members to execute combo attacks. Parrying or blocking is possible, but not automatic, and it consumes magic points.


There are two types of magic. The first, Elemancy, consists of spells consists of spells gathered from the environment into inventory. To be used, they must be equipped like weapons. They do not require magic points, but being consumable, they are still limited. The second type, Ring Magic, is only usable by Noctis and does consume magic points. Both types of magic can be affected by weather and the environment. For example, fire magic can set an area ablaze during a clear day and can be dangerous to allies as well as enemies, but in rain, fire is quickly extinguished.


Noctis can also summon creatures called Astrals into battle. They are arranged by class and rank. They can only be summoned when they are defeated in battle or otherwise obtained, and even then, only under certain conditions. For example, Leviathan can only be summoned if there is a nearby body of water.