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The Balouve Mines is a dungeon in the Kingdom of Lucis. It features a parking spot. It can be accessed starting in Chapter 1 but it is recommended to be level 50 to defeat the Aramusha at the end. A Royal Tomb with the Bow of the Clever is located just beyond this boss.


The mines can be found southeast of the Longwythe Rest Area. On the road from Hammerhead to the Longwythe Rest Area, there is a dirt sideroad that veers off to the south. Take this road to reach the mine.


Defeat the monster in the innermost sanctum.


The dungeon has four floors to explore: B1F, B2F, B3F, and B4F. Each floor can be accessed with the elevator.



Beyond the Aramusha and Royal Tomb lies a sealed door. A maze is found behind the door and is tied to the A Menace Sleeps in Balouve sidequest that is accessible in Chapter 15.


During the 2016 PAX West panel, it was revealed that the mine is designed after a real-life abandoned mine in Japan that the development team visited for research.